Our mission is to strengthen the local community with musical experiences that engage and empower our audiences. We do this by hosting​ concerts at a variety of community centers ​throughout Austin; playing music that will be familiar and accessible to all audiences; and finding unique ways to give back to the community during those concerts.​

The name comes from a neighborhood in North Austin, and was chosen as a way to claim our commitment to spreading joy and to affirm our home in Texas.

JBQ is the artist in residence at University Baptist Church.
We send our thanks and gratitude to the congregation
for their generosity and encouragement.






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The instrumentation is flexible, what's more important is that you're a creative person who wants to try new things.

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Brian Routson

Brian began playing horn and trumpet in grade school, during which time he performed in various chamber ensembles, youth orchestras, and regional honors bands.  In high school, he was the recipient of the Schuler scholarship and the John Philip Sousa Band Award.  As an undergraduate, he studied music theory at the Frost School of Music in Coral Gables, Florida.  Brian has performed with many amateur and semi-professional groups over the years. Photo Credit: Cassie Marcelo